Schedule a Training Session

Training Sites: Michigan and Ohio Counties Served

Our trainers come to your home and/or work to train with you and your dog(s). Please leave your name, e-mail, training address and phone # in an e-mail at to arrange a future dog training session at your home or business. You can also message us at 734-368-0683. We travel to most locations in Michigan and northern Ohio. Upstate Michigan site training is on a rotational basis 2 times a month.

Training Methods: Initial Consultation and Cost

We use Cesar’s Way training methods to exercise calm and assertive leadership to address needs of both your dog and family harmony. Our professional dog psychology training was completed at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California. Adults and older youth who interact with the pet are invited to participate to gain leadership skills with your pet during the initial consultation at no additional expense. The first consultation includes evaluation, plan and practice of remedy. Our fee is $120/hour minimum. We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash or check. We will give owners skills to modify dog aggression, fear, barking, distraction, boundary issues or age appropriate manners. We look forward to working with you and your canine family to establish lifelong harmony through MI-CCAT training.

Initial Consultation and Ongoing Follow-Up

You may email questions to: It is helpful to know your pet’s breed, age, name and behaviors you wish to change before we arrive. Each owner and family participant will get prescribed exercises to practice as you transition your pet family’s experience into a harmonious one. We will continue to be available to answer questions after the initial consultation. Owners will practice change exercises during the consultation to demonstrate the skills and tools needed to help with pet’s behaviors. We will continue to provide ongoing professional advice and support for change of life circumstances or as dogs transition in and out of the home. The skills owners learn can be applied with other dogs and circumstances to achieve harmony with your pets for the rest of your life.

Dog Behaviors Change When Family Situations Changes

When a new baby, a senior family member, or a disabled person comes into the home and alters the flow of activities, often the canine pet doesn’t understand boundaries to maintain a safe home. We will train family members, nannies, care givers to help dog(s) understand boundaries. We will help you and your pet prevent falls on the stairs and around disabled walking in the home. Intrussive behaviors around babies and small children will be modified with proper introduction and new boundaries. We can counsel small children to be gentle with pets, so there is calm and safe energy lifelong, even as child grows. We help modify mouthing, nipping and biting behaviors to be safe around family and other dogs.